17 Things to remember while trying to lose weight!


1. One salad does not make you skinny.
(Although why the hell not!)

2. Just like going to the gym once doesn’t make you an expert fitness pro…but you’ll sure as hell feel like one!

3. No one will notice for ages
But ive been on a diet a whole week..what do you mean i look the same!?

4. Focussing on the fact you may be able to buy other clothes than leggings will keep you on track…all the skirts and shorts!

5. The thought of NOT wearing a cardigan in summer to cover your arms…ahh the dream.

6. Green tea is shit, tastes like shit and doesn’t work

7. Diet pills won’t work…and will probably make you shit yourself…just fyi.

8. That moment you pull on a pair of jeans that actually fit properly is better than a dominos….almost.

9. Fruit is actually nice…who knew?!

10. Salads dont have to be lettuce leaves…vom.

11. Cutting out un natural sugar is probably the best thing you’ll ever do!
But but….chocolate…waaaa!!

12. Getting rid of ‘fat clothes’ is super therapeutic.
BE GONE super oversized jumpers and stretchy waistbands!

13. Eventual compliments from people make you feel like actual Blake Lively.
Yes. Yes i know. Im hot now.

14. Being able to shop happily in Topshop will be totally normal rather than thinking FUCK…I should NOT be in here..this is detrimental to my self esteem..go away size 6 18 year old.

15. Healthy food is not boring..and it actually makes you feel hella happy and like life is grrreat.

16. All the avocado and eggs.

17. Even small people are squatting to get a good arse so y’know…your in good company.

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  1. March 10, 2015 / 12:46 am

    hahaha I loveeee this, so true! I’m totally following you girl ;P

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