Nyx Matte Lip Cream Vs Collection Cream Puff


Nyx have been a long loved brand amongst beauty bloggers across the land for a while now. Originally only available online, it was always hit and miss as to whether you’d be just in time for the restock or miss out AGAIN on that perfect lipstick. But just recently they appeared as if by magic in our local Boots stores!

Yes, a whole  (sometimes double sided) stand full of Nyx goodies. Honestly, each time I have been to Boots since, the Nyx stand is always busy with buzzing chatter of shades and coverage.

I popped in last week to restock on my fave Mint HD Setting Powder (and accidently picked up the Banana HD powder too..oops) and thought I’d have a look and see what slim pickings were left in the Matte Lip Cream section. To my amazement, there were a few shades I had been on the look out for so I grabbed them quick!

When I got home I saw my Collection Cream Puff Lip Creams on the dresser and i noticed how alike they are to the Nyx Lip Creams.



I decided I had to put them to the test.


Top: Nyx Abu Dhabi, Bottom: Collection Powder Puff


Left: Nyx Buenos Aires, Right: Collection Fairy Cake

As it turns out, the collection ones aren’t great, but I’d pretty much predicted that in the first place. The coverage and pigment of the Nyx ones mean they are longer lasting and slightly less drying than the Collection Cream Puffs.

I know everyone raves about the Nyx Lip Cremes but some of them aren’t up to scratch. The Buenos Aires one literally shows every crack and clings to any slight bit of dry skin you may have on your lips…not what I look for in a lipstick. To be honest, you all know my opinion on matte lipsticks (not a huge fan), but I really do like the Istanbul and Transylvania shades.

All in all, if your going to purchase a matte lip cream then go for the Nyx. They are affordable at £5.50 each and they have some beautiful shades.

Just make sure you give your lips a good exfoliate first!!

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