Stampede~ The Burger Of Dreams!

I am your typical foodie, obsessed with food, always thinking about my next meal and always trying to be healthy and then being all like yeah this burger/pizza/insert all the food here is immense. So when I was recently given the opportunity to visit a brand new eatery at the Intu Lakeside food court I obviously couldn’t refuse.

Stampede* is essentially a burger bar but what they offer in terms of food and quality makes them a cut above the rest!

Firstly, their set up in the food hall is pretty special. From the bull made from metal scrap parts to the neon pink signage, you definitely can’t miss them! 

Cute jars of pork scratchings on the counter

Their brilliant menu consists of burgers, ribs and wings along with a pretty amazing sides selection! The burgers are grilled over charcoal for that amazing bbq taste, meaning everything is freshly prepared and cooked which I much prefer over a fast food outlet.

They offer 3 types of burger; Lightweight (1 beef patty), Middleweight (2), and Heavyweight  (3!!) Yes 3 beef patties in one burger, what a time to be alive!

I decided to go for the lightweight with a side of the sweet potato fries and coleslaw (Although now I wish I’d gone for the Middleweight…next time, my friend).

I can honestly say the sweet potato fries are the best I have EVER tried. Super crispy and fluffy inside (I’m literally drooling remembering how good they are!). 

I was extremely happy that the burger had gherkins in it (the little things in life!). As soon as I took a bit it was immediate love. Burger was cooked to perfection with a perfect amount of cheese, gherkins and sauces finished off in a brioche style bun…oh sweet joy. 

I was so busy tucking into the burger and fries I didn’t eat much of the coleslaw but the little bit I did try was really yummy. 

When we had finished, we saw some people with the ribs and they looked all kinds of amazing so I’d definitely give those a try next time! 

If you’re in the Essex area make SURE you go visit Stampede, it is now my go to eatery when making that all important shopping stop off! 

This is a sponsored post but all views and opinions on this burger loveliness are my own.


Huge thanks to Voice Communications and Intu Lakeside for inviting me to review Stampede. 

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