The Highstreet Highlighter Palette You Need For That Perfect Glow!

Highlighting, strobing, contouring and now even sandbagging  (….?!) There are plenty of crazes that hit the beauty world but highlighting is definitely one that is here to stay. 

The world has gone glow mad and it’s easy to see why. Get it right and you look like a magical mermaid princess from a mystical world, get it wrong and you look,’s easy to go wrong with let’s leave it at that. 

I’ve tried a range of highlighters from higher end brands  (anything from Mac to Becca) and budget (such as MUA and Makeup Revolution). While the higher end ones are very good, it’s nice to have cheaper options which do just as good a job, right? 

Enter Sleek Makeup and their goddess like ‘Solstice’ Palette

With 3 powder and 1 cream highlighter this Palette has the right highlighter for everyone.  

Ecliptic is the cream highlight with a golden/pink sheen, Hemisphere is is pink toned highlight, Subsolar is a golden yellow tone and Equinox is a bronze gold highlight. My skin hates anything pink toned so I tend to go for a mix of Subsolar and Equinox. For a stronger highlight, use a cream highlight as a base and layer powder over the top. The beauty of this Palette is that it is suitable for all skin tones, so you don’t have to try 12283 highlighters to find one perfect for you! 

As you can see from above, the palette provides highlight shades with a sheen rather than chunky glitter particles which some of the cheaper high street highlighters can have. I’ve tried some highlighters that make me look like a disco ball rather than illuminating my skin subtly! 

Some highlight application tips: 

  • Use a fan brush or another light brush such as the Real Techniques Bold Metals Blush Brush to lightly sweep highlighter across the cheek bones
  • Lightly apply down the centre of the nose, on the cupids bow and in the centre of the chin for a healthy glow
  • Try not to apply highlighter over blemishes as it will magnify them

The Sleek Makeup Solstice Palette retails at £9.99 and is available from Superdrug.

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