Makeup Obsession- A New Build Your Own Palette Brand! 

I heard through though the twitter-vine that there was a brand new spangly product in Boots- a build your own makeup palette with either eyeshadows, blushers, highlighters or contour shades!

For a long time, building a palette with your own style of colours and shades was a mission of every so often buying a mac pan to add to your palette which never seemed to grow (cause y’know, Mac pans are £10 each and your average person has things like food and bills to pay for!)

 So now you can create your palette of dreams for around £16 full courtesy of Makeup Obsession (another TAM beauty creation- those guys are hella busy!). 

I chose to create an eyeshadow palette and I must say, the shade range is huge!

 Plenty of matte and shimmer shades to compliment each other perfectly. 

The pans are £2 each for eyeshadows and £3 each for blushers, contour shades and highlighters and palettes are from £4 and come in a range of colours including a glorious rose gold one which i think I’ll buy next along with some fabulous highlighters. I kind of expected the eyeshadows to be a bit wishy washy but they are so pigmented. I haven’t stopped playing about with the shades since i brought it last week. 

Grab these beauties now from


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