5 Things I Can’t Stop Listening To Right Now

Having less screen time is one of the primary ways I switch off from the world and indulge in a little self care. I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to discover them, but podcasts seem to have taken over my life and I am now obsessed with finding new ones to listen to- especially if they are Harry Potter or real life crime related!

With a range of hands and wire free ways to listen, such as the Panasonic Speaker System which you can stream your music or podcasts straight through for perfectly balanced sound; you can put your phone to one side and get lost in a world which allows you to completely switch off.

Potterless Podcast

I discovered this podcast after Cherry Wallis raved about it on her Instagram Stories and basically haven’t stopped listening since!

Potterless follows twenty-something American Mike Schubert, as he reads the Harry Potter books for the first time. Each episode he discusses the chapters he has just read with different guests who are huge potterheads.

This combination makes for a hilarious viewpoint on the Harry Potter series and Mike’s honest views on plot holes and how Dobby and Quidditch are ‘the worst’ makes me laugh constantly.

The Teachers Pet Podcast

In 1982, Australian, Lynette Dawson went missing.

This Podcast follows the real-life twisted mystery that surrounds her disappearance and the accusation that her husband, star footballer/high school teacher Chris Dawson murdered her as he was having an affair with one of his students.

Her murder/disappearance has never been solved and each episode uncovers more and more twists and details as the host, Hedley Thomas, speaks to people who knew Lynette and the other people involved in this situation. And I AM HOOKED.

Deliciously Ella: The Podcast

If you’ve followed Deliciously Ella for a while then you’ll know exactly how amazing she is; from how she has grown her brand from blog to cookbook to her own products, to how influential she has been in the plant based foodie world.

The podcast features her and husband & CEO Matt discussing everything from the business side of the brand, to how plant based diets can improve certain health conditions.

Super interesting and good for you at the same time, winner.

Moving onto Music…Ariana Grande- Sweetener

Long term Ariana fan girl over here but let’s be honest her new album Sweetener is INSANE.

God Is A Woman has been in my head for weeks and The Light Is Coming ft. the QUEEN Nicki Minaj is quickly becoming a firm fave too.

With songs featuring Pharell Williams and Missy Elliot, Ari is smashing her way through the charts with her 4th Album and I, for one, have it on repeat.

And finally, we come to apps.


This is hands down the best app I have ever downloaded. I have discussed it in previous posts but I can’t stress enough how much this little app has changed my life.

I listen to it most nights, either the calming music or sounds of the ocean or one of the many sleep stories they offer. The meditation aspect works perfectly in relaxing and de-stressing while helping you to be incredibly mindful and in the present.

If you struggle with anxiety/overthinking/depression or even just feel like you need to escape from your thoughts and stresses of day to day life- I would highly recommend you download this. It won’t solve your problems for you, but it certainly helps you cope with them.

So there we have my 5 most listened to right now- what are you listening to? Send all the podcast recommendations my way! I’m a woman on a mission to find all of the best ones.


This post is in collaboration with Panasonic but all views/opinions are my own.

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