Brand New Wagamama Dishes Launching This Week!

If you’ve never had a Wagamama before, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!

Also, you are massively missing out my friend!

I was invited down to Wagamama at Intu Lakeside to try out some of the new menu items and oh my! All the heart eyed emojis!

Hosted by the lovely Asia, we ordered some starters before she talked us through some of the new items coming next week.

From the sides (usual menu) I can highly recommend the Lollipop Prawn Kushiyaki, the Ebi Katsu, the Duck Gyoza and newly launching, the Beef Tataki.

This new dish is a gorgeous sushi beef with a citrus ponzu sauce. It is extremely thinly sliced raw beef with some Japanese mayo and served with shredded pickled beetroot. There is so much flavour in this dish, the beef is delicious on its own but paired with the beetroot, which cuts through with some sharpness, is just amazing.

Next, we were served up some of the new menu items.

The Samla Chicken Curry is influenced by Thai and Cambodian curries so if you’re into those flavours, you will love this dish!

Galangal and Lemongrass are key ingredients in this curry and you can really taste that coming through. 

It has a bit of a kick to it, so if you’re more of a mild fan then maybe go for something else but if you like spice this has a lovely kick!

Next I tried some of the Pad Thai Salad, with prawns and chicken, this salad is great if your wanting a lighter bite.

Served with a Nuoc Cham (fish sauce) with a Wagamama twist of tamarind. So good. I will definitely be ordering this when I next visit.

I took my Husband with me as he is a huge Wagamama fan and he tried out the Sticky Pork Belly as i’m not much of a pork fan and said it was incredible. With a sticky marinade of amai sauce, teryaki sauce, honey, citrus ponzu and orange juice, the pork is so tender and has a lot of flavour due to it being a fatty cut of meat.

Lastly, and possibly my favourite dish of the evening was the Grilled Bream Donburi.

Donburi is a bowl of meat with rice and salad, traditionally it is with beef or chicken but Wagamama put this fishy twist on it and added a sea bream fillet with flavours of chilli, coriander and kimchi, and oh my goodness. It was so yum! Wagamama currently have other Donburi such as their Teriyaki chicken version so if you enjoy that, give the Sea Bream a try!

The Lollipop Prawn Kushiyaki

Chilli Squid

 pork belly and panko apple steamed buns

Edamame beans


The new menu is launching this week in restaurants (WB: 8/05/17) so head to your nearest branch and try some of the new additions!

 This is a sponsored post but all views on the delicious food are my own. 

A big thank you to Asia for hosting the evening and Megan from Voice Communications for having us.





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