Current Skincare Favourites

Current Skincare Favourites

It’s a brand new year, and guess what, the unimaginable has happened. Yes, I have found skincare that actually works for me!

Absolute years I have spent trying to find skincare products that work for me, and as a woman in her early 30’s, I have become very aware of the need to start some form of routine to care for my skin.

My face shows signs of being 31, I have scarring from acne, a greyness under my eyes and before long I know my age will begin to show across my face. Luckily at the moment, people don’t tend to realise I am over 25 which is lovely, but I need to start taking care of myself before I do start physically ageing.

I am not overly concerned about ageing as a whole. My mum who is in her 50’s has amazing skin and looks young for her age so I’m hoping I inherited her genes when it comes to this.

BUT, I have always been concerned that I haven’t found my perfect skincare routine.

This was, until last month when I seemed to stumble across the perfect combination for my skin. I firstly have the Marks and Spencer beauty advent calendar to thank for this. Each day I discovered a new piece of skincare to try- many, of course, did not work with my unpredictable skin. However, then I found the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm and what a skincare game changer.

I made the small trial pot last almost 3 weeks and during those weeks I was almost certain of a skin flare up. The balm is luxuriously thick and when mixed with a small amount of water turns to an almost milky consistency. I ADORE the way it smells and it leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and extremely clean. Not to mention it also calms the skin if you suffer from redness/breakouts AND doubles up as a hydrating mask. As soon as I realised I was running low, I was straight on the Feel Unique website ordering the full size. Having tried everything from Liz Earle cleanse and polish to Micellar water, I can honestly say this is the best cleanser I have ever used. Big statement.

Moving on to moisturisers which I have always found the MOST difficult to get on with. When I spoke to a Kiehls skin expert a couple of years ago, she tested my skin and although I thought I had combination/greasy skin actually turns out my skin is quite dry and because I wasn’t giving it enough moisture it was having to create it’s own. Makes complete sense when you think about it! With this in mind, I tested soooo many moisturisers, some working for a short while before leaving me with those huge painful zits which stay under the skin-ouch.

I had just about given up trying to find my perfect moisturiser when I got given this little L’occitane set for Christmas.

They are the mini Immortelle Divine collection, a facial moisturiser which fights against visible signs of ageing with it’s anti-oxidant rich Immortelle oil. The Divine Cream, which is one of L’occitane’s best sellers is a thick beautiful smelling cream which I was 100% sure would be too rich for my skin. I used cautiously at first, applying a tiny amount each evening after using the Emma Hardie cleansing balm. I have now been using it for almost a month and I have not had ONE breakout (except the usual hormonal one). It has left my skin looking brighter and firmer- and that is after one month!

The only downside is that my brighter skin comes at a cost- quite a steep one at that! So big shout out to my mum (for the second time in this post) for introducing me to this cream which I now need to repurchase at an extortionate price- I will send the husband your way when he checks the account. (Jokes- he doesn’t care- He will probably use it too!)

Lastly the skin saviour which is Glossier Balm dotcom. I have been using this for around 3 months and I’ve used it almost everywhere! Thanks to it being a universal skin salve, it is super nourishing and hydrating. I even used it recently underneath my eye where I had some dryness and the next day, gone! It comes in a variety of options, but I love Birthday balm, it smells like vanilla cake- actually hard to resist eating but y’know, better not.

Other products I’m still using and loving include the wonderful Pixi Glow Tonic and Alpha H Rose Gold Concentrate

What are your essential skincare products?

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