Dreamy Jewellery with Fenwick 

Dreamy Jewellery with Fenwick 

Last week I took a trip down to Fenwick in Colchester for their Meet the Designers event, where they showcased some of the most beautiful pieces as well as having some of the brands in house to meet with us.

I’m one of those people that is guilty of just sticking to the same pieces of jewellery everyday. Although I love jewellery, I just find it hard to pair pieces together and I guess I tend to avoid wearing much of it because of the nature of my job- who wants to wear a necklace you love only for a lovely little 2 year old to grab hold of it..not me. I do own some nice jewellery mainly from Pandora and Tiffany & co -as more classic pieces but it was so nice to go and view some trendy jewellery I could wear everyday. Fenwick have something for everyone in their store and I was lucky enough to see how some of the items are made and personalised.

I met with Laura, the jewellery buyer for Fenwick Colchester who was lovely and after a glass of prosecco, I sauntered about the store snapping some of my favourite pieces from their vast array of brands.

Some of the brands are well known and some are new to me but all of them have something great to offer depending on what you are looking for.

I got chatting to a lady who works for Alex Monroe and she demonstrated how they hand make their pieces so intricately. I mean, she was literally sawing a tiny piece of silver and making it into a flower, with some incredible detail. We were able to look at Alex’s sketchbooks which detail some of his original designs which was amazing to see.

Next we went to see a lady from Lisa Angel, she was hand stamping personalisation for people who were purchasing their necklaces. I was very kindly gifted a beautiful rose gold coloured bar necklace which I had stamped with my name. Again, the amount of precision here is incredible with the hand stamping.

I next visited the Georgiana Scott table to discuss the beautiful range of hoop earrings they create. I used to be such a fan of hoops and then they went a little bit out of fashion but GUYS they are back and they are fabulous! 

My favourites are the La Chica Latina hoops in rose gold which I will 100% be purchasing!
Rosie Fortescue was on hand to discuss her latest jewellery launch which includes some really lovely items, I love this chain necklace with champagne coloured stones!

As well as the above brands, Fenwick Colchester also sells beautiful items from Olivia Burton, Vivienne Westwood, Chlobo Jewellery, Links of London and Emily Mortimer Jewellery as well as many more!


Huge thank you to everyone at Fenwick Colchester for having me, and Laura for looking after me on the day! 


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