Rituals Bath & Shower Products To Make You Swoon

Being an ultimate blogger cliché, I love new bath and shower products. 

Finding something I love however is usually a bit more difficult. I usually stick to Lush for a weekend treat and good ol’ Nivea or Dove shower cream for the week. But now and then I look for something a bit more luxurious, something to make me feel a bit spesh. 

Enter Rituals!

As I was casually strolling through the Highcross shopping centre in Leicester I spotted the Rituals shop and practically sprinted over, having seen some of their products splashed across Instagram and thinking they looked pretty swish. 

It was just after christmas so the shopping centre was rammed but Rituals had a calm, chilled atmosphere which was a nice break from the madness elsewhere! As I started to browse the stunning displays with no clue what I was looking for, a lovely assistant approached us offering some Jasmine tea. At that point, I was ready to stay for the afternoon! The tea was amazing and you can buy it in store which I actually wish I had now, although you can also buy online. 

I was intrigued by what some of the products smelt like so the lovely assistant guided me over to a nearby sink and talked me through each product while letting me try them out. 

I came away with the Sakura Spring (Recently changed to The Ritual of Sakura) Organic Rice Milk & Cherry Blossom shower oil 

The Ritual Of Karma shower oil

And the Zensation Shower Foam (recently changed to The Ritual of Sakura Shower foam) 

The shower oils are amazing because they foam up as you rub the product into your skin, so it doesn’t leave you sliding all over the shower. 

The scents of the products are all so different. Some are musky and deeply herbal and some are more fresh and light. Definitely different from anything else I’ve tried! 

I will 100% be heading for Rituals again for some more of their stunning ranges. The Yogi Flow Shower Foam is next on my list! 

The Ritual of Sakura Shower Oil- Rituals

 The Ritual of Sakura Shower Foam- Rituals

The Ritual of Karma Shower Oil was sadly limited edition but similar product here 

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  1. March 1, 2017 / 10:48 am

    These look and sound lovely, I haven’t tried any of their products in ages!!

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