Benefit are a brand I have been buying from for what feels like forever. I always remember when I was in secondary school and a girl in my R.E class pulled out a Benetint, telling us her sister worked for the brand and how good it was. A few years later I was a complete fan.  There are few products I dislike from Benefit and they certainly know how to do a relaunch of old favourites alongside adding exciting new products.  Their newest launch has been a range of concealer including four versions of the Boi-ing classic.  I popped along to my local Fenwicks last week to have my brows done by the babes at the Bene-brow bar and they applied some of the Boi-ing airbrush concealer to me afterwards where my makeup had come off and OH MY.  When Benefit say airbrush, they definitely mean it. My skin looked… View Post

Highlighting, strobing, contouring and now even sandbagging  (….?!) There are plenty of crazes that hit the beauty world but highlighting is definitely one that is here to stay.  The world has gone glow mad and it’s easy to see why. Get it right and you look like a magical mermaid princess from a mystical world, get it wrong and you look,’s easy to go wrong with let’s leave it at that.  I’ve tried a range of highlighters from higher end brands  (anything from Mac to Becca) and budget (such as MUA and Makeup Revolution). While the higher end ones are very good, it’s nice to have cheaper options which do just as good a job, right?  Enter Sleek Makeup and their goddess like ‘Solstice’ Palette.  With 3 powder and 1 cream highlighter this Palette has the right highlighter for everyone.   Ecliptic is the cream highlight with a golden/pink… View Post

Here are a few of the beauty products I am in need of asap!! 1. Nars Sheer Glow Foundation £31 This foundation has so many rave reviews online but I’ve always put off trying it because I have no Nars counter nearby and I know colours are a pain to match. Looks like I’ll have to have a trip to Westfields…shame! 2. GlamGlow ThirstyMud Hydrating Masque £49.99 Glam Glow masques are taking the blogging world by storm. Now…they are pricey…like…hella ‘spensive BUT they are said to be amazing and very good for your skin. Maybe I’ll ask nicely for a sample pot first! 3. Eve Lom Cleanser £40 As a firm fan of the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, I am always slightly dubious about trying new cleansers. This one from Eve Lom is SO popular. It’s been around for 25+ years now so it’s not a new product but… View Post

   Guys, I have been SO poorly lately! So it may seem like i fell off the face of the earth, but really I was just megs ill. Today was the first day I have actually felt kinda normal again (i mean, its taken a whole week). So to cheer me up (and get me out of the house) my lovely hubs took me to Ikea to get the dressing table ive been lusting after since seeing every youtuber and blogger with it. I know your probably thinking ‘why get the same one as everyone else’ but just look at it. I tried finding one similar but had no luck and theres no way i was going to pay £200+ for a glorified desk.  Now, Ikea isnt the best place to be when you’ve been cooped up in bed all week on antibiotics and admittidly i did feel a tad… View Post

We all want what we don’t have right? So even though i own an above average amount of make up i constantly crave new products, shades and brands…guess thats why i am a beauty blogger! Here are 6 beautiful products i am totally lusting after right now and WILL own!! Urban Decay’s Naked range has been growing rapidly over the last year and i must say…they are smashing it! I can’t wait to try this new concealer. I have heard amazing things about it! Tarte ‘Tarteist’ Clay Eyeliner. I love everything about this…the packaging, the pure black colour, the brush you get with it….aaahh! Just released in the US im hoping to get my hands on it when my parents go to New York. Mac Paint Pot in Bare Study. These little pots of joy are a fave with makeup artists as they work amazingly as a base to eyeshadow… View Post