IT’S OCTOBER!  Only my favourite month of the year- along with every other absolute basics.  October comes and it’s like all of a sudden it turns into actual Autumn. Leaves start to fall, conkers appear on the ground and YES I CAN FINALLY LIGHT ALL THE AUTUMNAL CANDLES! Let’s not even discuss that it’s also when the queen of autumn beverages becomes available in you PSL. My current Autumn wishlist is pretty long, as is my ASOS saved items list, and is a combination of everything I need for the new season .  1. The chunky knit jumpers I purchased one of these jumpers from New Look over the weekend and oh my..I now need it in every colour. It is the perfect knit and I love the detail at the back. Not to mention it comes in berry and mustard which are the ultimate Autumn colours!  2. Autumn… View Post

I feel like I am probably the only person in the world who has this opinion but I CAN’T STAND MATTE LIPSTICKS. There, I said it.  I have found around 3 matte lipsticks I can actually bare wearing and they are by Mac, Charlotte Tilbury and Chanel. I constantly have dry lips despite drinking gallons of water and applying lip balm by the bucket load so matte lipsticks do not work for me.  Going to sound like the worst blogger now, but i haven’t actually purchased a new lipstick in about 6 months (oh, the horror). Once I find a lip product I love, I find it difficult to move away from it and try something new. Lately it’s been a mix of Charlotte Tilbury’s Bitch Perfect and Mac’s Peach Blossom- ultimate old faves! BUT, I had a trip to my local Boots after work this week to pick up… View Post

   I’m not the hugest fan of blushers, in total I probably own around 5 or 6 (excluding palettes) just because i’m more of a bronzer gal at heart. Seriously, bronzer is essential in summer and all year round , and I’m yet to find a blusher that I fall completely in love with.  Saying that, there are some which I think can look super pretty and applied in the right way, they can give that naturally flushed look. This is what i aim for with blushers. If you can see pink on my face, then it’s too much! A subtle glow is what we are aiming for here and I have picked out three different types of blusher to give you that perfect spring time flush.   First we have the Collection Speedy Blush in 01 Tickled Pink RRP. £3.99 (currently on offer in Boots for £2.99) Collection says… View Post

Honestly, I’d never even heard of a radiance balm before the lovely people over at Product Testing UK sent me this little package. The Boots Botanics Radiance Balm* (All Bright) claims to soften and brighten for instantly radiant skin. Instant? Ok I’m all for that! I was a tad confused at when I’m supposed to use this. As a primer? Under foundation? I decided to give it a go under my foundation, hoping my instant radiance would shine through! As you can see from the photos, the balm glides on and creates a subtle sheen. The consistency is not to thick and it smells INCREDIBLE.  Above you can see my naked face (aaahh!) With just the radiance balm on, and then an after shot of my face once I’d applied my foundation and usual makeup routine. I didn’t use any highlighter on my face and i think you can really… View Post

Hi Lovelies! Today i am discussing ‘The big brand debate!’ I have recently had a few people asking my opinion on what high end products they should go for as they are ‘obviously better than drugstore’. This is not always the case! If products are more expensive and come in prettier packaging, you often think they must be amazing and well worth their money! Well i am here to share my opinions on products i think are worth buying high end and which drugstore products are fabulous and even rival expensive brands! Lets start with base products  Primer: If you saw my post last week then you will know there are primers out there, in particular Rimmel fix and perfect which rival high end primers. There really is no need to go expensive with these.  Foundation: after trying benefit, mac, lancome and bare minerals I can honestly say i have… View Post