Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re looking for something a bit special for your loved one, a friend or even yourself…I got you. Valentine’s Day is one of those times where you either throw yourself all in or you don’t bother. I’ve always been a throw it all in kinda girl- even going back to school when I made the boy I liked in the year below a card and left it on his desk. My levels of sassiness even at that age was something to behold. So it’s no surprise I’m a Valentine’s Day fan. Although we never go for the full on Valentine’s Day dinner and love hearts everywhere, it’s nice to do something cute and fun. My idea this year involves stacks of pancakes and champagne for breakfast- and who doesn’t love that?! I have wanted a breakfast in bed tray for a… View Post

I had a really lazy Saturday last weekend, I mean, I didn’t get out of cosy clothes and just spent the day perusing social media. Life. So on Sunday I really wanted to get up and do something a bit different. I made the husband get up with me and forced him into trying some yoga (he lasted 10 minutes). But actually, we both said afterwards how much better we felt for doing it so I’m going to do the 30 day yoga challenge and see if it’s something I get into. I’ll sort out another post dedicated to this and fill you in on the best Yoga YouTubers! Anyway, I’d seen Hannah Gale tweet about the Suffolk Food Hall a few times and as it’s only about 35 mins from us decided it would be a good place to go to get us out of the house! Suffolk is… View Post