I love a good mousse, especially when its a chocolate one, but the thought of making it puts me off massively.  If you’ve ever read a recipe for mousse its so ‘faffy’ (totally a word) as you need to use eggs and whip and blah blah..nobody got time for that.  So when I came across the idea of avaocado chocolate mousse and checked out a few recipes, I just loved how quick and easy it was. Although at first super dubious about how it would actually taste. I’m such a huge chocolate fan that trying to replace sugary goodness with something that usually goes best with eggs and sourdough, confused the life out of me.  I tried several recipes and tweaked it each time to get the best tasting version, so you don’t have to…your welcome! Perfect for those of you who are health conscious or if you just fancy… View Post

Now Valentine’s Day is done we can look forward to quite possibly the best holiday of the year (other than Christmas, obvs) Easter! You’ve probably already had 10282 creme eggs already this year, no, just me? Damn. Well get buying some because I have the BEST creme egg brownie recipe for you! These brownies are absolutely amazing, by far the gooeyist and moist (shuddering at that word and can’t believe I actually typed it) version I have ever tasted. Here you go lovelies; You will need: 200g of the best dark chocolate (I used Menier Chocolate Patissiere) 3 Large free range eggs 80g Plain Flour 40g Cocoa Powder 270g Caster sugar (Golden is best) 180g Unsalted Butter 6 Creme Eggs cut in half (I learnt it’s best to do this once they’ve been in the fridge!) Method: Pre heat your oven to 160 degrees Melt the chocolate and butter together… View Post