Benefit are a brand I have been buying from for what feels like forever. I always remember when I was in secondary school and a girl in my R.E class pulled out a Benetint, telling us her sister worked for the brand and how good it was. A few years… View Post

We all want what we don’t have right? So even though i own an above average amount of make up i constantly crave new products, shades and brands…guess thats why i am a beauty blogger! Here are 6 beautiful products i am totally lusting after right now and WILL own!!… View Post

Afternoon Lovelies! Today I am reviewing Benefit’s ‘Fake Up’. I must have purchased this product well over 2 months ago. I havent reviewed it so far as I kept giving it a chance. But….meh. Benefit’s tag line for this product is ‘crease control hydrating concealer’…! It is anything but crease… View Post