Benefit are a brand I have been buying from for what feels like forever. I always remember when I was in secondary school and a girl in my R.E class pulled out a Benetint, telling us her sister worked for the brand and how good it was. A few years later I was a complete fan.  There are few products I dislike from Benefit and they certainly know how to do a relaunch of old favourites alongside adding exciting new products.  Their newest launch has been a range of concealer including four versions of the Boi-ing classic.  I popped along to my local Fenwicks last week to have my brows done by the babes at the Bene-brow bar and they applied some of the Boi-ing airbrush concealer to me afterwards where my makeup had come off and OH MY.  When Benefit say airbrush, they definitely mean it. My skin looked… View Post

We all want what we don’t have right? So even though i own an above average amount of make up i constantly crave new products, shades and brands…guess thats why i am a beauty blogger! Here are 6 beautiful products i am totally lusting after right now and WILL own!! Urban Decay’s Naked range has been growing rapidly over the last year and i must say…they are smashing it! I can’t wait to try this new concealer. I have heard amazing things about it! Tarte ‘Tarteist’ Clay Eyeliner. I love everything about this…the packaging, the pure black colour, the brush you get with it….aaahh! Just released in the US im hoping to get my hands on it when my parents go to New York. Mac Paint Pot in Bare Study. These little pots of joy are a fave with makeup artists as they work amazingly as a base to eyeshadow… View Post

Afternoon Lovelies! Today I am reviewing Benefit’s ‘Fake Up’. I must have purchased this product well over 2 months ago. I havent reviewed it so far as I kept giving it a chance. But….meh. Benefit’s tag line for this product is ‘crease control hydrating concealer’…! It is anything but crease controlling. When they say this I take it to mean it controls the way your make up sometimes creases under your eyes..especially with some concealers. This product does not do that..not on me anyway. If anything it creases even more than cheaper alternatives! Also hydrating does not mean greasy. This is greasy. I put it under my eyes and even with powder over the top it just looks shiny and not attractive. Now if you know me, youll know how much this is paining me to write a fairly negative review about a Benefit product as generally I love their… View Post