You may have heard of this little thing called ‘Hygge’ which is sweeping the lifestyle world. You may also be thinking what on earth is it?  Well Hygge (pronounced hue- gah) is the danish way of living. The word roughly translates to ‘cosiness’. Hygge is not about ‘things’ its more about a feeling. That feeling of cosiness and comfort. That feeling you get when its raining outside and you are indoors wrapped up in blankets listening to the rain tapping against the window, surrounded by candles and sipping a hot chocolate. That feeling on Christmas Day when your surrounded by people you love, drink in your hand and gathered around the christmas tree…that feeling is Hygge.  The Danish are among the happiest people in Europe according to surveys and people wanted to know why! So journalists took to Denmark to seek out the reasons as to what makes their way… View Post