Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re looking for something a bit special for your loved one, a friend or even yourself…I got you. Valentine’s Day is one of those times where you either throw yourself all in or you don’t bother. I’ve always been a throw it all in kinda girl- even going back to school when I made the boy I liked in the year below a card and left it on his desk. My levels of sassiness even at that age was something to behold. So it’s no surprise I’m a Valentine’s Day fan. Although we never go for the full on Valentine’s Day dinner and love hearts everywhere, it’s nice to do something cute and fun. My idea this year involves stacks of pancakes and champagne for breakfast- and who doesn’t love that?! I have wanted a breakfast in bed tray for a… View Post

I thought as it’s the end of the month I’d do a combined favourites and empties little number (I have too many saved up empty pots laying around and the husband is getting proper aggy about it!) Let’s start with the faves! 1. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream All-Over Miracle Oil* I have been a huge fan of the 8 hour cream for lips for a while now, so when I heard about the new 8 Hour Oil I got a *bit* excited. This ‘Miracle Oil’ is exactly that. I used it straight away on my legs as that’s where I get super dry skin. Firstly, this stuff smells incredible, a really uplifting ‘spa like’ scent. Secondly it can be used all over, face and hair included. Personally I’ve not tried it on my face as I’m prone to breakouts or hair as it’s super thin and would weigh it… View Post