Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, likes, favs, followers, chats and so much more. We are the most connected we have ever been thanks to the wonderful world of the Internet. I love social media and the Internet as much as the next human but I can’t help but feel we have got far too reliant on it! Think about this; what is the last thing you do before going to sleep? The first thing you do when you wake up? When you go for breakfast and your food arrives, what do you do first?  You Instagram that babin’ plate of avo & eggs, because that’s what we do these days.  My thoughts on a ‘digital detox’ first came to me when I was binge watching ‘Friends’ (a standard day). I noticed that even in the later episodes, where mobile phones were around, there were none in sight. The friends all sat… View Post

The sun is out, the temperature is increasing and soon enough it’ll be summer. Which means jeans and slouchy oversized jumpers will no longer be acceptable. Boo! Every year i have a slight panic at the amount of flesh that will be on show. And every year i end up wearing cardigans on the hottest day of the year, just so i don’t have to get my flabby arms out. The only exception last year was my wedding day, and even that took serious amounts of panic (and a fair bit of champagne). My friend and I have been members of the gym for a couple of years now. And we are seriously rubbish at going. Ok she’s better than me…but life just gets in my way which is a really rubbish excuse and one I don’t want to use anymore. So I’m doing this post for the world to… View Post

1. One salad does not make you skinny. (Although why the hell not!) 2. Just like going to the gym once doesn’t make you an expert fitness pro…but you’ll sure as hell feel like one! 3. No one will notice for ages But ive been on a diet a whole week..what do you mean i look the same!? 4. Focussing on the fact you may be able to buy other clothes than leggings will keep you on track…all the skirts and shorts! 5. The thought of NOT wearing a cardigan in summer to cover your arms…ahh the dream. 6. Green tea is shit, tastes like shit and doesn’t work 7. Diet pills won’t work…and will probably make you shit yourself…just fyi. 8. That moment you pull on a pair of jeans that actually fit properly is better than a dominos….almost. 9. Fruit is actually nice…who knew?! 10. Salads dont have… View Post