Oh, hi! I know, an actual new post! It is now the summer holidays for me which means I might actually be able to concentrate on writing (and sleeping) for a little while- yay  I recently shared a post where I chatted briefly about body image and summer clothing, mainly about how hard I find it to find something comfortable but also (reasonably) stylish and flattering. I searched high and low across the inter-webs and honestly, it was ridiculously hard to find something I actually liked.  Enter Boohoo and this floral dreamboat. Now, I am by NO means a fashion blogger (lols to taking these photos on my driveway and being super awks whenever anyone walked past and can we just discuss how hard it is taking photos using a tripod and timer!), If I like something and it fits its generally a winner. OH and sleeves- it needs sleeves! … View Post

Before i start with a stream of photos from my DREAMY trip to the Maldives i just want to make it clear how lucky i am to have been given the opportunity to visit such paradise. The Maldives is not your average holiday and its purely thanks to my amazing friends and family who gave my husband and I money towards our honeymoon as a wedding gift that we were able to go. I am in no way bragging or showing off just giving you an insight into an amazing place in our beautiful world 🙂 Ok boring disclaimer done. Sooooo yeah i went to the f-ing Maldives…. Nothing i can say or show you will ever make you understand how perfect this place is…you just have to go. I mean it is seriously heaven on earth. The views from the plane as you arrive in Male (the main airport… View Post