I am always looking for ways to jazz up my house with something new and what better way to do that than with a new print to brighten the walls? I have become a woman obsessed. From cute quotes, maps of places we have been and not to mention ALL the Harry Potter artwork, prints have very much become a staple in the Lewis household. I wanted to share with you a few of my faves along with my go to places to buy them. Map of New York- Desenio Having been to NYC this time last year and falling head over heels in love with it, our house naturally is now covered with New York themed everything. My fave being this print from Desenio. They also have it available in other locations so you can have your very own collection or a ‘where we have been’ travel wall in… View Post

If you’re anything like me, you’ll spend days on Pinterest pinning the most amazing home interior ideas in the most amazing homes that you’ll never be able to afford in your entire life. A gal can dream though right!? Pinterest is FULL of people pinning lots of ideas about pretty much everything, however it’s so handy to find Pinners that have a niche such as home interiors as you can flip straight to their boards when your looking for some pretty sass living room ideas. Here I’ve compiled my list of Top 5 Home Interior Pinners, enjoy and go follow! 1. Arianna Belle @ariannabelle Arianna is a design and home organisation Blogger and has 28k followers on Pinterest. She has boards for all aspects of home design and interiors. Photos from Ariannas Pinterest Page 2. Erica Davies @erica_davies Erica is a Fashion blogger at The Edited. Her Pinterest Page is… View Post

   Guys, I have been SO poorly lately! So it may seem like i fell off the face of the earth, but really I was just megs ill. Today was the first day I have actually felt kinda normal again (i mean, its taken a whole week). So to cheer me up (and get me out of the house) my lovely hubs took me to Ikea to get the dressing table ive been lusting after since seeing every youtuber and blogger with it. I know your probably thinking ‘why get the same one as everyone else’ but just look at it. I tried finding one similar but had no luck and theres no way i was going to pay £200+ for a glorified desk.  Now, Ikea isnt the best place to be when you’ve been cooped up in bed all week on antibiotics and admittidly i did feel a tad… View Post