Up until last month, I had (not exaggerating) around 40 lipsticks sitting in my drawer, never used, just sitting there all pretty and to be honest- dusty! So I had a makeup cleanse- I gave away some to friends and binned A LOT of products I’d had for longer than I care to admit. Why did I need 40 lipsticks? I’ll never know. I went through a bit of an obsession with lip products and accumulated a whole range from high street brands to Chanel and YSL. No one- NO ONE needs that many, especially when you find what works for you and stick with it. This is what I’m calling my signature lip. Everyone has one shade of lipstick they will go for every day. Or in my case- 3 shades. This first product is fairly new to my collection and is a solid 10/10 in the ‘perfect nude… View Post

IT’S OCTOBER!  Only my favourite month of the year- along with every other absolute basics.  October comes and it’s like all of a sudden it turns into actual Autumn. Leaves start to fall, conkers appear on the ground and YES I CAN FINALLY LIGHT ALL THE AUTUMNAL CANDLES! Let’s not even discuss that it’s also when the queen of autumn beverages becomes available in Starbucks..love you PSL. My current Autumn wishlist is pretty long, as is my ASOS saved items list, and is a combination of everything I need for the new season .  1. The chunky knit jumpers I purchased one of these jumpers from New Look over the weekend and oh my..I now need it in every colour. It is the perfect knit and I love the detail at the back. Not to mention it comes in berry and mustard which are the ultimate Autumn colours!  2. Autumn… View Post

I feel like I am probably the only person in the world who has this opinion but I CAN’T STAND MATTE LIPSTICKS. There, I said it.  I have found around 3 matte lipsticks I can actually bare wearing and they are by Mac, Charlotte Tilbury and Chanel. I constantly have dry lips despite drinking gallons of water and applying lip balm by the bucket load so matte lipsticks do not work for me.  Going to sound like the worst blogger now, but i haven’t actually purchased a new lipstick in about 6 months (oh, the horror). Once I find a lip product I love, I find it difficult to move away from it and try something new. Lately it’s been a mix of Charlotte Tilbury’s Bitch Perfect and Mac’s Peach Blossom- ultimate old faves! BUT, I had a trip to my local Boots after work this week to pick up… View Post

I am so guilty of neglecting my high street brand lipsticks in favour of Mac, Charlotte Tilbury & Chanel. But this week I have rediscovered why I should pay more attention to brands such as E.L.F, Essence & Rimmel. I was looking in my lipstick collection to hunt out a work friendly nude shade to chuck in my makeup bag ready for the gym the following morning. For some reason i never pack my ‘expensive’ makeup (probably because i know I’ll more than likely lose it). So instead of the usual Mac shade I wear daily I thought I’d choose a cheaper alternative. When I came across these 2 lipsticks just hiding out at the back underneath a few layers of Rimmel & MUA. I have tried a few ELF products (single eyeshadows and loose powder are amazing) but for some reason i forgot about this GORGEOUS pink lipstick. Not… View Post

Ok, so i know these have been around for a year or so now but i have rediscovered my love for them along with purchasing 2 more. The black ones are the original lasting finish collection by Kate and have a slight sheen finish. They are infused with black diamond powder which reflects light creating a stunning colour which lasts for up to 8 hrs (apparently). The red bullets are the matte collection and probably the most popular amongst the blogging world. This collection is infused with Ruby powder (what this means i have no idea!) But they do leave a stunning velvety matte finish. The lipsticks are probably the best ones on the high street. They feel really high end when you wear them which is amazing considering the price! The Kate for Rimmel collection is growing vastly with mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow sticks all becoming popular choices. If… View Post