1. One salad does not make you skinny. (Although why the hell not!) 2. Just like going to the gym once doesn’t make you an expert fitness pro…but you’ll sure as hell feel like one! 3. No one will notice for ages But ive been on a diet a whole week..what do you mean i look the same!? 4. Focussing on the fact you may be able to buy other clothes than leggings will keep you on track…all the skirts and shorts! 5. The thought of NOT wearing a cardigan in summer to cover your arms…ahh the dream. 6. Green tea is shit, tastes like shit and doesn’t work 7. Diet pills won’t work…and will probably make you shit yourself…just fyi. 8. That moment you pull on a pair of jeans that actually fit properly is better than a dominos….almost. 9. Fruit is actually nice…who knew?! 10. Salads dont have… View Post

Ah Colchester. This little town has seen an abundance of changes over the years. When reminded of the ‘old’ days it makes me feel a little fuzzy and nostalgic (it also reminds me how rubbish town is now) Lets look back at some classic events that changed our town. 1. We used to have a Woolworths. Just where H&M stands today was a glorious Woolworths where every pre teen used to spend their Saturdays scooping up the pick n mix and buying the latest CD single (yep single) that was out that week. 2. Before it was Woolworths it was Spoils…now thats a blast from the past. Ahh Spoils…that weird shop that sold most things (mostly kitchen things) that your mum would drag you round. Fun times. 3. There was a walkway where Spoils was that took you from Head St through to Culver Sq…magical. 4. 2 letters… C&A. Gah.… View Post

Getting married is no doubt one of the biggest things you may do in your life. Once you find that one person who completes you, it is beyond dreamy! So what happens when the dress is off, the guests are gone and all you have left from your day of perfection is some glorious photos…oh and your husband of course. 1. Afer the wedding you will go through a mourning period. Yep. For me it kicked in around 4-5 weeks after my wedding. I was severely emotional, moody and generally really sad. We were lucky and our photographer was super quick doing our photos, but once we had them..everything was over. 18 months of planning, living and breathing weddings was all over. No longer a bride. Sad times. 2. You will have a f-ing nightmare changing everything over to your new name. Banks, DVLA, work..they all need sorting and they… View Post