Benefit are a brand I have been buying from for what feels like forever. I always remember when I was in secondary school and a girl in my R.E class pulled out a Benetint, telling us her sister worked for the brand and how good it was. A few years… View Post

I feel like I am probably the only person in the world who has this opinion but I CAN’T STAND MATTE LIPSTICKS. There, I said it.  I have found around 3 matte lipsticks I can actually bare wearing and they are by Mac, Charlotte Tilbury and Chanel. I constantly have… View Post

I have been lusting after this palette for so long, I can’t believe I finally got my hands on it. I asked my mum to pick it up for me when she was in New York, but every Sephora/Ulta was sold out! It’s also been on my QVC wait list… View Post

   I’m not the hugest fan of blushers, in total I probably own around 5 or 6 (excluding palettes) just because i’m more of a bronzer gal at heart. Seriously, bronzer is essential in summer and all year round , and I’m yet to find a blusher that I fall… View Post

   Guys, I have been SO poorly lately! So it may seem like i fell off the face of the earth, but really I was just megs ill. Today was the first day I have actually felt kinda normal again (i mean, its taken a whole week). So to cheer… View Post