Let’s get this out there in the first sentence of this post; I SUCK at gardening. Let me give you an example. About 3 years ago, I ordered some plants for the garden. They arrived not as I imagined (already blooming and gorgeous) but like twigs that my dog would pick up on a woodland walk. So utterly confused, I left them outside and forgot about them. Weeks later, after some impressive frost I discovered them again and only one plant looked reasonably alive. So I binned the others and planted the survivor. I was convinced it was an Iris. It remained ‘twig like’ for 2 years with a couple of leaves the second year before getting snapped by some strong wind…as I said, I suck at gardening! This year it bloomed like never before and EVEN HAD A TINY BUD ON IT. Cue all the excitement. So around a… View Post

I am so guilty of neglecting my high street brand lipsticks in favour of Mac, Charlotte Tilbury & Chanel. But this week I have rediscovered why I should pay more attention to brands such as E.L.F, Essence & Rimmel. I was looking in my lipstick collection to hunt out a work friendly nude shade to chuck in my makeup bag ready for the gym the following morning. For some reason i never pack my ‘expensive’ makeup (probably because i know I’ll more than likely lose it). So instead of the usual Mac shade I wear daily I thought I’d choose a cheaper alternative. When I came across these 2 lipsticks just hiding out at the back underneath a few layers of Rimmel & MUA. I have tried a few ELF products (single eyeshadows and loose powder are amazing) but for some reason i forgot about this GORGEOUS pink lipstick. Not… View Post