MSN Messenger switched to ‘appear offline’ for good last year as the formerly popular IM service closed down. sob. But if your anything like me, you will still hold onto all those memories associated with MSN and all those late school nights chatting to people from school. 1. spending ages looking through song lyrics to capture the perfect screen name so everyone will know that your emotional and feeling all the love and heartbreak in the world. 2. Using the term ‘BRB’ for when you just could not be arsed to talk to someone anymore. 3. Signing out and then back in again in the hope of catching the eye of the boy you were majorly in love with. 4. Getting cross as F when your mum wanted to use the phone. “Have to disconnect. ..brb!” 5. Seeing this and being like…NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! 6. Meeting someone and asking for their MSN… View Post

Ah Colchester. This little town has seen an abundance of changes over the years. When reminded of the ‘old’ days it makes me feel a little fuzzy and nostalgic (it also reminds me how rubbish town is now) Lets look back at some classic events that changed our town. 1. We used to have a Woolworths. Just where H&M stands today was a glorious Woolworths where every pre teen used to spend their Saturdays scooping up the pick n mix and buying the latest CD single (yep single) that was out that week. 2. Before it was Woolworths it was Spoils…now thats a blast from the past. Ahh Spoils…that weird shop that sold most things (mostly kitchen things) that your mum would drag you round. Fun times. 3. There was a walkway where Spoils was that took you from Head St through to Culver Sq…magical. 4. 2 letters… C&A. Gah.… View Post