Oh, hi! I know, an actual new post! It is now the summer holidays for me which means I might actually be able to concentrate on writing (and sleeping) for a little while- yay  I recently shared a post where I chatted briefly about body image and summer clothing, mainly about how hard I find it to find something comfortable but also (reasonably) stylish and flattering. I searched high and low across the inter-webs and honestly, it was ridiculously hard to find something I actually liked.  Enter Boohoo and this floral dreamboat. Now, I am by NO means a fashion blogger (lols to taking these photos on my driveway and being super awks whenever anyone walked past and can we just discuss how hard it is taking photos using a tripod and timer!), If I like something and it fits its generally a winner. OH and sleeves- it needs sleeves! … View Post

It may only be the beginning of April but already my bank account is screaming at me to STOP SPENDING MONEY! My ASOS saved items list is overflowing with spring/summer goodies so I thought I’d share the 8 I’m most in need of! 1. Olivia Burton Grey & Gold Watch £80 I’ve been looking for a watch for what seems like forever and this one ticks all the boxes! Grey and gold are the perfect combo! 2. Benefit Dew The Hoola soft matte liquid bronzer £22.50 I’m a massive fan of the boxed bronzer that is Hoola so I NEED to have this liquid version!! 3. RayBan Clubmaster Sunglasses £135 OK, these are pricey for sunglasses and yes, I’ll probably lose them but LOOK HOW PRETTY!! 4. Asos Vintage Leather Bag £28 This cross body bag is perfect for spring to carry all the essentials and is being hailed as… View Post