Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, likes, favs, followers, chats and so much more. We are the most connected we have ever been thanks to the wonderful world of the Internet. I love social media and the Internet as much as the next human but I can’t help but feel we have got far too reliant on it! Think about this; what is the last thing you do before going to sleep? The first thing you do when you wake up? When you go for breakfast and your food arrives, what do you do first?  You Instagram that babin’ plate of avo & eggs, because that’s what we do these days.  My thoughts on a ‘digital detox’ first came to me when I was binge watching ‘Friends’ (a standard day). I noticed that even in the later episodes, where mobile phones were around, there were none in sight. The friends all sat… View Post

I am your typical foodie, obsessed with food, always thinking about my next meal and always trying to be healthy and then being all like yeah this burger/pizza/insert all the food here is immense. So when I was recently given the opportunity to visit a brand new eatery at the Intu Lakeside food court I obviously couldn’t refuse. Stampede* is essentially a burger bar but what they offer in terms of food and quality makes them a cut above the rest! Firstly, their set up in the food hall is pretty special. From the bull made from metal scrap parts to the neon pink signage, you definitely can’t miss them!  Cute jars of pork scratchings on the counter Their brilliant menu consists of burgers, ribs and wings along with a pretty amazing sides selection! The burgers are grilled over charcoal for that amazing bbq taste, meaning everything is freshly prepared and… View Post

Nyx have been a long loved brand amongst beauty bloggers across the land for a while now. Originally only available online, it was always hit and miss as to whether you’d be just in time for the restock or miss out AGAIN on that perfect lipstick. But just recently they appeared as if by magic in our local Boots stores! Yes, a whole  (sometimes double sided) stand full of Nyx goodies. Honestly, each time I have been to Boots since, the Nyx stand is always busy with buzzing chatter of shades and coverage. I popped in last week to restock on my fave Mint HD Setting Powder (and accidently picked up the Banana HD powder too..oops) and thought I’d have a look and see what slim pickings were left in the Matte Lip Cream section. To my amazement, there were a few shades I had been on the look out… View Post

Every Sunday is ‘Date Day’ for me and my husband, where we try and find somewhere new to go/ place to eat brunch. Last weekend we ventured to Dedham on the Essex/Suffolk border. Dedham is not a new place to us but it holds special memories as it’s where S asked me to marry him, plus its so damn beautiful! We parked up and went for a walk towards the river & glorious fields. It’s not a long walk (about 10 minutes) but you instantly feel like you’re somewhere more exciting than Essex. We had a wander up to the old mill and along the river. Thanks to the rain there was quite a lot of flooding around and the fields surrounding were well watered! We then strutted across the road to where the Boathouse Restaurant is beautifully situated on the river. They actually hire little boats out and you… View Post

I thought as it’s the end of the month I’d do a combined favourites and empties little number (I have too many saved up empty pots laying around and the husband is getting proper aggy about it!) Let’s start with the faves! 1. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream All-Over Miracle Oil* I have been a huge fan of the 8 hour cream for lips for a while now, so when I heard about the new 8 Hour Oil I got a *bit* excited. This ‘Miracle Oil’ is exactly that. I used it straight away on my legs as that’s where I get super dry skin. Firstly, this stuff smells incredible, a really uplifting ‘spa like’ scent. Secondly it can be used all over, face and hair included. Personally I’ve not tried it on my face as I’m prone to breakouts or hair as it’s super thin and would weigh it… View Post